Subtle Aromatherapy

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This mental/emotional/spiritual healing treatment works with smell (from aromatherapy oils) to access memories and emotions in the brain. Smell is by far the quickest and most direct way to do this. Our sense of smell is received from the olfactory system in the brain, and through a series of processes, starting with smelling the aromatherapy oils, the vaporized oil particles will signal the central nervous system, then reach the limbic mid-brain (which is the centre of emotions and memories), followed by the pituitary gland (the switchboard between the endocrine system and our emotions), the pineal gland (which stimulates our inner vision and regulates our biological clock) and then to the almond-shaped part of the brain known as the Amygdala (which stores and releases trauma). 

Ultimately this whole process produces an emotional response, as it pulls up memories and emotions buried deep in the unconscious mind, and then works in helping you naturally release whatever emotions have been trapped in the body. This provided a sensation of feeling lighter, rejuvenated, clear minded and healed. 

This treatment incorporates reading the body’s energy field through working with the chakras and travelling into the unconscious mind through various NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) techniques. It ends off with reiki, leaving you walking away feeling balanced and grounded. 

The Benefits of Subtle Aromatherapy include:

Release of pent up emotions and trauma

Emotional/Psychological Freedom and Peace 

Alleviation of stress


Enhancement of Mental Clarity, and Focus

Energy shifts and rejuvenation

Removal of emotional blocks 

Cleanse of Chakras 

Healing the Body’s Energy Field

Expansion of consciousness & self awareness 

The treatment is a total of 1.5 hours, in which you will feel an absolute sense of serenity and overall peace of mind, body, heart and spirit coming out of it.