Chakra Balancing, Chording & Cutting

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Firstly it is important to address the Chakras. There are 7 main chakras, and they are considered to be the energy centres of the body, each having their own significance, and ultimately proving harmony between the body, mind, heart and spirit. When any one of them is blocked, it can cause distress and illness to the body. Therefore it is important to keep them open and free-flowing. 

Chakra Balancing is simply the idea of re-balancing the chakra system, or energy in the body. Using various tools, including a pendulum, incense, Tibetan bowls, reiki, crystals, and doing body work, you will notably feel an energetic shift and cleanse within themselves.

Chakra Chording and Cutting could be considered deeper emotional work. 

When cutting, it involves a releasing of energy and ties with another person that you no longer believe will serve you. It could involve cutting chords with anyone who ever came into your life, be it alive or passed away. For anyone who comes into our lives, we share energetic connections with them, some clearly deeper than others, and untangling and releasing these energetic connections can ultimately be the very thing that heals someone. 

When chording, it involves strengthening or improving the relationships with someone in our lives on an energetic and physical level. It could look like wanting a deeper connection or better relationship with a family member, a loved one, a boss, or anyone significant in our lives. Therefore we work together to rebuild those connections through chakra chording.  

The Benefits of Chakra Balancing/Cutting/Chording are:

-   Release stuck energy and emotions in the body 

Cleanse and Open the Chakras

Heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, feeling burnt out or overwhelmed

Overcome old patterns and habits 

Relaxation: physically, mentally and emotionally 

Strengthen Immune System 

Each treatment is 1.5 hours, and ultimately provides infinite ways of healing the body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.