Brazilian Toe Massage

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This technique developed by a Hungarian doctor called Pethö Sándor while he worked in a hospital in Germany taking care of post war refugees in the Red Cross. There were almost no resources and proper infrastructure, which led Dr. Sándor to find alternatives to help his patients get better. After some time, he realized that tactile sensitivity brought immediate relief and deep relaxation to injured people. In 1949 he lost his parents and moved to São Paulo, Brazil. As a therapist and professor, he started several courses in universities, working with psychologists and transmitting Brazilian Toe Massage, better known as the “relaxation method”.  

Basic Procedure 

Brazilian Toe Massage consists of a series of 9 touches.  The procedure is done in silence, taking 2-3 minutes for each point (toes, heels, ankles, calves and head) 

This technique is for everyone.  

Benefits of Brazilian Toe Massage: 

Muscle tension release 

Migraine relief 

Stress reduction 


Helps with asthma  

Allergy control 

Reduce anxiety and weight

Helps with insomnia