6 Key Components of Connection in an Intimate Relationship

What would it look, feel and sound like if we were to experience a truly profound, deeply connected relationship? What would be required of us to form such synchronicity and depth with someone?

While I have been sitting with this concept of connection inside of an intimate relationship for a few years now, occasionally sharing my thoughts with friends, changing elements of the theory, and adding more juice to it, here is what I have mustered up:

There are 6 Essential Components of Connection to consider when delving wholeheartedly into a relationship with another. These 6 things being:

1. Intellectual 2. Physical 3. Spiritual 4. Financial 5. Social AND 6. Emotional

In all these domains I believe connections can be formed, as well as broken.

Once we get conscious to our needs in these areas, I believe a truly satisfactory relationship can flourish.