Pathway to Calmness, Clarity, Confidence & Connection 

I'll give you the Pathway and Holistic Health Tools to clear anxiety and uncertainty & to optimize your physical, mental, emotional and energetic health during the Coronavirus Pandemic and beyond

  • Calm your mind, your physical body and your emotional state                       

Learn how to practice presence, change your physiological state & implement 4 different breathing techniques into your day


  • Create clarity in both your inner and outer world                                           

Learn how your outside environment impacts your mind, how gaining self-awareness creates a clear mind, and how to feel clarity deep within yourself


  • Build confidence in yourself and your future                                                 

Learn the recipe for confidence, how to fuel your body with the right nutrition and exercise,     and how to step into a new, confident version of yourself


  • Form meaningful connections with ourselves and the people in our lives

Learn what is a "healthy & meaningful" connection, how to creatively connect with others, how to deeply and consciously connect with yourself, and how to strengthen weak, distant or broken connections between yourself and the important people in your life


  • Construct healthy habits that will benefit you for the rest of your life       

Learn how to implement basic practices, exercises and tools into your daily life that will help  you create the lifestyle and reality you want



For you and all household  members 



4 Day Awareness & Well-Being Program + Bonus 

  • Series of 4 Video Recorded Training Sessions + 1 Bonus Day

  • Permanent Access to the Program: including files, audios and video recordings 

  • Includes Access to Private Facebook Group Page

  • Includes Purchaser and All Family Members in the Same Household

  • Includes FREE Care Call after the completion of the 5 Total Day Program 


but you have a few questions first? 

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Giovanna FJM Elias

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