Nutrition Bootcamp

Who is it For: 

Anyone in need of serious nutritional advising and changes in their life (for both themselves and their families) 


What to Expect: 

-Kitchen Clean-Up: We go through your kitchen cupboards and fridge together to clean out unhealthy food products and prepare you for a fresh start to healthy eating 


-Trip to the Supermarket: 2 hour educational food shopping experience where we walk through the aisles, read food labels, learn healthy from unhealthy choices, and buy foods to take home and learn how to cook for yourself and your family


-Educational Cook Off: Afternoon of learning how to cook a few different healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to show you that eating healthy can be fun, fast and simple


Duration: Full day experience (Approx. 7 hours)







While it may be a major kitchen and lifestyle clean-up for you, it is also important to stay on track and maintain a successful healthy lifestyle! Therefore, follow-ups are so essential! I will offer a FREE 20-30 minute phone follow-up 2 weeks following the bootcamp. 


For those of you who would like to have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in-person or over-the-phone 1-hour follow-ups, meal-plans, and deeper nutritional guidance, there are options for you!