Nutrition & Herbal Advising

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Nutritional Advising involves working together to clean up, improve and alter your diet. In addition, you will be provided with a dietary plan to suit their daily nutritional needs. A clean, nutritious diet is the key to a healthy, optimal life! Whether it be for weight-loss, eating disorders, increasing energy levels, stress, anxiety, and physical illness or cancer in the body; nutrition can certainly help heal all! 

Benefits of Nutritional Advising: 

Gain awareness of what foods best meet your nutritional needs

Achieve personal wellness goals

Weight loss

Managing chronic diseases (like diabetes or heart disease) 

Increase energy levels

Improve moods

Reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue

Strengthen immune system

Create a healthy lifestyle that lasts

Improve concentration and memory

Reduce colds and infections 

Improve skin conditions

Help with digestive problems, arthritis, menopause, high blood pressure, migraines and headaches 

Herbs are an ancient form of healing, in which multiple cultures all around the world have turned to plants to heal their physical and mental illnesses for centuries. Herbs work beautifully in partnership with nutrition to heal the body; therefore herbal remedies in the form of teas and tinctures may also be recommended to you as a supplement to nutritional advising. The properties of herbs act as medicine, and can heal a wide array of ailments in the body and mind. 

Benefits of Herbs:  

Lower blood-sugar levels

Increase brain function and memory

Relieve physical pain and nausea

Reduce inflammation in the body

Fight off infection

Boost the immune system

Reduce or increase appetite (depending on plant and needs of client)

Provide anti-cancer causing properties

Combat allergies, nasal congestion and colds

Improve heart health

Lower stress anxiety levels and depression 

The first session will be a total of 1.5 hours, to gather history of the client. 

Following sessions with be a total of 1 hour. 

You may also choose to pair nutritional advising with other holistic treatments to work on the mental/emotional relationships we have with food-  for a total of 1.5 - 2 hours