Why Choose Fusion Holistica 4?

Fusion Holistica 4 is unique in that it offers a variety of healing modalities that holistically treat your body, mind, heart and spirit. Each treatment however is a beautiful fusion of the services we offer, which are interwoven together based on your personal needs, goals and health concerns. 

Giovanna’s approach is special in that she takes into account the “full picture.” Often when we feel “off” or ill, we look directly to the external surface problem. At Fusion Holistic 4, Giovanna’s belief is that our bodies, minds, emotions and spirit are all connected to each other, and ultimately impact one another. If our physical body is experiencing illness, not only does Giovanna look to the body to heal it, but also checks in with the mind and your thought patterns, the heart and your emotional state, and the spirit and whether you have energetic blocks. Together, we reach the root of your concerns, and bring you to full optimal health. 

Moreover, Giovanna works with people in the domain of coaching; using NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) techniques, combined with energy work, to help you overcome mental/emotional blocks, and achieve ultimate success in any area of your life. 

She speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish & Italian- so you can connect with her in whichever language you prefer. 

She looks forward to working with you, and guiding you along your path to HEALING, SUCCESS and OPTIMAL HEALTH!