Rosangela Phoenix

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Rosangela Phoenix, Reiki Master and Holistic practitioner, has been working in helping light-searchers like yourself for the past 20 years.

Her goal is to help you find your inner strength and reach your potential energy in order to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Since she was a child she used to hear and see spiritual beings. Thinking it was a psychological disorder, she sought help from professionals in Psychiatry to no avail.

After a few years, she was introduced to a spiritual group where she could understand and refine her own sensitivity, thereby bringing out her own talent in this area. To Rosangela, this is her greatest strength in helping others.

Later, after exhaustive research and dedication to the spiritual, occult, and therapeutic areas of study, Rosangela has gained vast experience. She is at your disposal to help you with any challenges you face in better knowing your inner being...and yourself.

Her motto is the celebrate these infamous words: "Know yourself."

Rosangela comes from Brazil, and is able to offer treatments in both English and Portuguese. 

Light and Love!