Hi! I am Giovanna Elias

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The Human Connection Expert

Struggling to build the

clarity, confidence & meaningful connections

you really want in life?

I have been there.

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I was plagued by 

social anxiety

from as young as age 10. 

I was painfully shy, overly fearful of being around new people and didn't feel comfortable being thrown into social settings unless I was with my mom or best friend. 

I was diagnosed and hospitalized with 

anorexia-bulimia nervosa

at age 13. My battle with the illness lasted most of my teenage years

If winning a prize for self- sabotage, criticism and not feeling "good enough" existed, I would have won one every day. I simply was uncomfortable and unconfident about the skin I was in. 

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Competitive dance pressures and low self-esteem led me into a


Living in such a competitive climate, where perfection was expected of you, and body image and performance meant everything, I collapsed under the pressure of it all. 

 Insecurity, an inability to set boundaries and a fear of speaking up led to me keeping silent about

sexual assault

I faced as a young adult.

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All this and more had taught me to...

release fear 

step into my confidence

get clear on what and who were important to me

& form meaningful connections

that changed every area of my life! 

And because of this...

I lived in 3 continents

and visited, studied & worked in

33+ countries around the world! 

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I naturally found work opportunities no matter where I lived 

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I met intimate partners

naturally and with ease

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I built stronger-than-ever relationships

 with my family 

I made life-long friendships with people from around the globe

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I instantly created connections with strangers,

no matter the age, ethnicity, sex, culture, religion, language, beliefs and barriers

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can change the way you

see, feel and do everything!

And most importantly...

change your ability to

Connect & Thrive!

Everything I learned and more, I want to share with you!




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